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Round 1, Specialized Enduro Race Kouty

Central European Enduro – Round 1 Specialized Enduro Race Kouty

The Enduro race in Kouty is an annual classic in the Czech Enduro Series. This year, the race was held for the fifth time in there and at the same time it kicked off the new Enduro season in the Czech Republic. This event was also the first race of the new Central European Enduro series. Stages in Kouty are located in a local bike park, where all tracks are linked by all sorts of junctions, creating unusual combinations that would make the ride more difficult and sometimes would confuse those who know local trails by heart. As in previous years, Kamil Tatarkovic made all the stages and of course, he tried to diversify all Kouty stages by shortcuts and turns to make it as interesting as possible.

The Enduro race in Kouty is probably the most physically demanding race in Czech, but despite this fact riders from all over Central Europe wanted to try long and high-rise trails. As Specialized Enduro Race Kouty was part of the Central European Enduro series this year, it was great to see riders not only from Czech but also the fastest riders from Slovakia, a lot of riders from Poland and there were also riders from Austria. This event was also EWS Qualifier event.

We can not forget that even a few children took part in this race and stood bravely in the starting gate. More and more children are trying this discipline and it is amazing to see them enjoying and having fun on trails. Five stages were prepared for the Race category, Hobby category enjoyed only four of them and was missing the last one, the most technical. The weather was perfect and we could experience great rating.

Already from the first stage, we could see the total enthusiasm of all riders and nobody wanted to lose a single second of their time. Riders were pedaling everywhere, cutting turns as much as possible and flying through all sections at really high speed. The big advantage of riding in Kouty is the height of the hill. During one run riders could do about 600m descent and the longest stage was for the fastest riders over eight minutes long!

In the end, the fastest rider of the day was Přemek Tejchman, who managed to go through all stages with the time 24:31 minutes and got the most points in the Czech Enduro Series. The fastest female rider who cut the finish line in the best time was Andrea Drengubáková, her time was 30:08 minutes and she again showed great performance that would not be ashamed of a male biker!

Complete results are here.
More photos by photographer Jara Sijka can be found at our FB gallery.