Round 5, Specialized Enduro in Treuchtlingen

Sunday 15th October the enduro season ended with a highlight. The Specialized enduro Treuchtlingen in Germany is well known in the Enduro scene of Europe already. This year the Specialized Enduro Race was stated as the final race of the Central European Enduro Series as well as Qualifier Race for the EWS


For the pleasure of all racers the local cycling club Germania Weißenburg, middle frankonia, put in a lot of effort to build four new stages. Especially for the race categories.



More than 400 cyclists entered the battle in three open and four elite classes. The race courses were modified for each category, the elite bikers had to finish seven stages. Whereas the open classes had to give their best time on five stages. The early morning fog, as well as the last weeks' rain, made the forest soil partly slippery, which challenged the riders even more. Especially elite stage three forced the riders to show all of their technical skills. 



Some stages had a similar character that can be found in French races. Besides the technical part of the stages, some riders were challenged by the pedalling sections. Everyone obviously enjoyed the race. The riders were pushed by motivating applause to give their very best on the last two stages, that were located directly in front of the spectators. The perfect weather turned the finish zone into a big chill out area with all the riders building a great community. A final special was the kids balance bike parcours, where about 20 kids from the age of two to six experienced their first racing atmosphere. Treuchtlingen simply is enduro.


At the end of the day, last years` winner Premek Tejchman finished in 13:39.60, which saved him first place again. Second place was taken by Michal Prokop and third Christian Textor.
Raphaela Richter at elite women class won the first place, followed by Drenguakova Andrea and Tranja Naber. Results in Pro masters class: 1. Hyncica Petr, 2. Wilfried Van de Haterd, 3. Milan Cizinsky. Elite U 21: 1. Björn Feldmann, 2. Bláha Vojtech, 3. Janik Voth.




Open Men: 1. Michael Baumgartner, 2. Fabian Fader, 3. Martin Klauber. Open Junior: 1. Timo Strobl, 2. Erik Wetzel, 3. Simon Maurer. Women open Class: 1. Tanja Förtsch, 2. Jennifer Gothe, 3. Claire Fiebig.



After the final of the first Central European Enduro Series Michal Prokop (Pro Men), Andrea Drengubakova (Pro Women) and Petr Hyncica (Pro Masters) as well as Kristian Poruban (Pro Junior) won the series title in their class. 


"I really like the idea of connecting good races into the new Central European Enduro! All locations that I raced was great and I enjoyed riding them. I also like variation of tracks and this was exactly what we had there! Already now I´m looking forward to the next year!" said Michal Prokop, the first Pro Men winner of Central European Enduro 2017.



Check out also the race video here.

Thanks everyone for attending Central European Enduro 2017 and see you in 2018!