Round 2, CTM Enduro Race Kalnica

Central European Enduro 2017 - Round 2, Slovakia

The Central European Enduro 2017 is the new enduro series of this season and after the first round in Kouty, Czech Republic, racers travelled to Slovakia for the second round - CTM Enduro Race in Kalnica. Race in Kalnica is the biggest enduro event in Slovakia and it is part of the well-known Bikefest festival with thousands of visitors, bikers and bike fans. There are couple other bike races like downhill, dual slalom, pumptrack, slopestyle, big air contest, cross-country eliminator and MTB marathon so everyone can enjoy the whole weekend full of biking.

The weather couldn’t be better and more than 400 racers completed the 24 km long circuit with six timed stages. CTM Enduro Race was built so that everyone can enjoy the race with a few steep technical sections which required little more skills and for some riders it was a real challenge to stay on the bike. Dry and sunny weather made conditions little bit slippery and some parts were pretty dusty but with a good pair of tires it was really not a big deal and you could send it down with full gas. The winner and the fastest rider was the Czech racer Michal Prokop riding for Ghost Factory Team. Another Czech rider Jakub Riha finished in second place with 16s loss and Slovak CTM Racing Team’s downhill rider Martin Knapec got third place with 20s loss to Prokop. Michal Prokop proved that after his long BMX and Fourcross career he is now one of the best enduro racers in Europe and that he is really hungry for more and more victories.

Martin Knapec shared his thoughts after this race: "It was a great race and actually it was even better than I expected. Timed stages were hidden in the forests and combined with transfers with beautiful views, it was just pure pleasure to ride this race. Six timed sections were enough even if you made some mistakes, you had a lot of space to catch up in next sections. Four hundred racers is really a lot of people but I think everyone fully enjoyed the race. I was very careful with my ride because lately, I had a lot of shoulder injuries so I had to avoid a crash which I succeeded and I even made it to the podium and finished in 3rd place which I actually did not expect. I just enjoyed the riding and the result was just very nice bonus."


Elite Men

  1. Michal Prokop - Ghost Factory Team
  2. Jakub Říha - N1 Team
  3. Martin Knapec - CTM Racing Team

Elite Women

  1. Jana Horáková - FDF Commencal Team
  2. Andrea Drengubáková - Ghost
  3. Simona Porubanová - Specialized CZ

U21 Men

  1. Kristián Poruban - Specialized CZ
  2. Martin Pešťák - MS Bike Academy Racing
  3. Oskar Masaryk - Kellys Factory Team

Full results here.

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