Round 4, Giant Enduro Race Spicak

One of the best Czech bike park, Bike Park Spicak, hosted the fourth round of the new Central European Enduro series 2017, Giant Enduro Race Spicak. This race was also part of Czech Enduro Series where riders had the last chance to get valuable points for the overall ranking.

We were very pleased with the participation of many riders from Germany and Austria this year, which was completed by world-famous Kiwi biker Wyn Masters. He decided to have fun in Czech during the autumn part of the season and made his way to the Spicak to enjoy enduro racing. Also, the fastest Slovak riders and, of course, the complete Czech top guys came to collect some points for the overall ranking in the series. It was great to see how everyone pushed so hard to win the first place in Spicak.

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The organizers prepared really varied and rather demanding stages that were difficult not only for riders but also tested their bikes. The tracks were relatively long, technically and physically demanding, but we would say that they show the real spirit of enduro riding and racing. Five stages were waiting for the Race categories, four tracks for the Hobby riders, two for the Rookie, and one stage for the youngest category Groom. Twice the racers started from the peak of Spicak, once from the hills called Habr, Pancir and Belveder. This year's news was the evening prologue on a ski slope, where waiting were several flat corners, a few wooden obstacles, including two attractive jumps, which was the best place for spectators. Racing in the evening with lights is always exciting and great to watch. The king of the evening prologue became again (as during the last race in Czech in Mala Moravka) Milan Mysik, who flew the entire course with the fastest time.

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From the first to the last stage riders had to be 100% focused. So many slippery roots, stones, and mud made riding really difficult and it was quite easy to lose concentration and make a mistake. The weather wasn´t on our side as well, when the temperature was around 10 degrees throughout the weekend and there were several raindrops.

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Fortunately, rain was not too heavy so everything was rideable. Even though racing was a bit more challenging and slippery, riders get in the end more experiences and in the finish line, everyone was talking about funny situations, crashes, and challenges they had during their race runs.

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Many fast guys had a couple of problems during the race. Michal Prokop went flying over the bars right in the first stage and he had to visit the medical service, Jakub Riha fell and broke his chain, Milan Mysik got the puncture in the last stage and so we could continue on and on. The one who had smooth and clean runs, without unnecessary mistakes, had a chance to win. In the end, the winner of the race in Sumava´s Mountains was Premek Tejchman. His great season finish gave him the overall title in the Czech Enduro Series at the same time. The fastest in women's category was Andrea Drengubakova.

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Complete results from Giant Enduro Race Spicak can be found here. And to see how great it was at Spicak, look at the complete gallery from Rob Trnka on our Facebook profile HERE.

Another race of Central European Enduro 2017 will be in Germany, Treuchtlingen, on 14–15th October.

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